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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Got my Active 2...

The Blu-Ray Disk & User Manual

The box consists of PS3 Active 2 disk, 2 motion sensor, 1 heart beat sensor, USB dongle receiver, resistance band & 6 AAA battery.

I got my EA Sports Active 2 last week. So far I have completed 3 sessions of exercise using it. Total about 100 calories burn on each session. Need to improve more.

So far the program has been set to 4 sessions per week. Each sessions consists of about 22 routines. Starting from warm up, stretching, physical activity and cool down exercise.


  1. Macam best je game ni bro... berapa harga 1 set?

  2. cuba try check kat Playtime Electronic Bangsar Shopping Centre... sekarang harga dlm RM295 tapi promotion RM 125.00 (from Low Yat Forum)


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